Celebrities Who Use Dentures

A dollar bill showing George Washington smiling with his mouth closed to keep his dentures in place.
Image by Classically Printed from Pixabay

There are some fantastic dental procedures like root canals and braces that have received a bad reputation over the years. Dentures are another treatment that have benefited immensely from modern technology but sometimes still carry a stigma. They are often portrayed as being just for the very elderly. But the fact is, dentures are a versatile solution for tooth loss that nobody should be ashamed of. Read on for a list of celebrities who are known or thought to have worn dentures.

George Washington

A celebrity from long ago, our first president was known for his dental woes. He wore dentures that were state-of-the-art for his day but would be considered very primitive by our standards. For one thing, they were fastened into his mouth with springs. President Washington had to constantly keep his mouth partially closed over his dentures because they would occasionally pop out. No wonder he smiled with his mouth closed in all of the portraits!

Nicolas Cage

When Cage started ascending to fame in the 1980s, he was so dedicated to his roles that he had two teeth extracted for one of his parts. While this is not something we would ever recommend doing, he did do the right thing and get partial dentures installed to fill the void.

Janice Dickinson

The original supermodel maintains her show-stopping smile with dentures. Dickinson has several partial dentures that replace teeth that she’s lost over the years.

Florence Henderson

Well known for her role as the mom in The Brady Bunch, Florence Henderson was very open about the benefits of wearing dentures. Additionally, for many years she was the brand spokesperson for a denture cleaner company.

Clark Gable

The cinema star known for his leading role in Gone with the Wind was reliant on dentures due to a gum disease that affected many of his teeth. Gable dealt with this issue at 32, and starred in the epic romance at 34, so dentures certainly weren’t holding him back!

Emma Watson

Okay, the young starlet doesn’t currently sport dentures. However, she grew up starring as Hermoine in the Harry Potter franchise, which meant she was constantly losing baby teeth during filming. Watson wore dentures to hide the noticeable gaps in her smile at the time, maintaining the look of her adorable smile on screen.

Dentures in Jonesboro, AR

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