Dental Bridges in Jonesboro, AR

If you are missing a tooth or have one or more teeth that have been weakened by damage or tooth decay, dental bridges can help restore their appearance and functionality. Our affordable dental bridges are available to any of our patients in Jonesboro who want to repair their teeth quickly and effectively. Get in touch with our team to schedule your appointment today!

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What are the benefits?

Dental bridges offer a number of great benefits to patients who choose to utilize them over other dental restorations. They are minimally invasive and require very little recovery time. Dental bridges also:

  • Restore the cosmetic appearance of the teeth
  • Restore the functionality of the teeth
  • Distribute the force of the bite evenly
  • Help maintain the shape of the face
  • Help prevent other teeth from shifting

How long do they last?

Dental bridges can last 10 to 15 years or longer, depending on a few different factors. There are times when a dental bridge must be replaced regardless of how careful the patient is, and other times wear and tear requires a replacement to be made and placed. The best way to ensure that they last for as long as possible is to maintain a thorough twice-daily oral care routine and visit the dentist regularly for routine appointments.

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How should I care for my dental bridge?

When your dental bridge is first placed, you will want to be careful with it for a few days to ensure that it adheres to the teeth properly by avoiding hard or crunchy foods and chewing with the other side of the mouth. There are no food or activity restrictions once the bridge is settled, we simply recommend that patients don’t eat or chew on anything that they wouldn’t chew with natural teeth. You can also treat your dental bridge just like the rest of your teeth by brushing and flossing regularly– no other special treatment is required.

Many of our patients have utilized our affordable dental bridges to restore their smiles. Schedule an appointment with our team today!

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