How Do Dentists Deep Clean Your Teeth?

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Going to the dentist once every six months is key to your dental health and wellness. But sometimes a routine cleaning just isn’t enough. Here’s what to expect if you’ve been told you need a dental deep cleaning.

What Is a Dental Deep Cleaning?

A dental deep cleaning procedure is also known as a periodontal scaling and root planing procedure. It’s a process that goes above and beyond your typical dental cleaning. It focuses on the outer portions of the roots and the area below the gumline. The focus will be to remove tartar that has built up in the area. It’s possible that your deep cleaning will take multiple visits to complete.

Who Needs a Dental Deep Cleaning?

Your dentist or dental hygienist will be the one to tell you that you need a deep dental cleaning. If they determine that you are at risk for periodontal disease, they’ll recommend that you undergo deep cleaning therapy. Without this procedure, bacteria will build up in the pockets that have been created in your gums, leading to challenges like decay and bone loss.

The Importance of Dental Care

Want to avoid a deep dental cleaning? If you’re not a candidate yet, there are things you can do to avoid the onset of gum disease. At-home care is imperative to a healthy mouth. You should be brushing your teeth at least twice a day, for two minutes each time. And never skip out on your flossing routine. Floss once per day, getting between each and every tooth. And last, but certainly not least, you’ve got to keep up with those six month visits to our office for a routine cleaning and exam. Oh, and eat healthy. All of this, and you’ll save yourself an extra trip in for a deep cleaning.

Comprehensive Dental Care in Jonesboro, AR

Whether you’re looking for a routine cleaning, or something more, we’re here to help you access the services you need to keep your smile glowing. To book your next visit at Troy Bartels, DDS, just click the link below or give us a call.

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