5 Benefits of Saving Your Natural Tooth

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With the advances made in dental implant and denture technology, some patients wonder why we still try to save the natural tooth whenever possible. After all, dental implants and dentures look natural, fit comfortably, and restore the function of your missing natural tooth. However, at Troy Bartels, DDS saving your natural tooth is still preferable. Here are five benefits of doing so!

  1. Nothing Beats Natural Efficiency
  2. For all the ways modern dental technology can restore the form and function of your teeth, nothing beats the natural function of your tooth. That’s why we rely on root canals and other restorative treatments — saving your natural tooth is preferable whenever possible.

  3. Normal Biting Force
  4. While dental implants and other treatments help you talk and chew, they require minor adjustments as to how you do so. For example, the force with which you bite down on something will be slightly different with a dental implant than with your natural tooth.

  5. Collateral Benefits
  6. Losing a natural tooth causes a ripple effect in your mouth. The teeth on either side might start to slightly shift to fill the space. The missing tooth’s upper or lower counterpart may also be impacted by the absence of an opposing force. We prioritize saving your natural tooth to avoid any alignment or spacing issues from your surrounding teeth.

  7. Natural Appearance
  8. Dentures and dental implants are designed to blend in with your natural teeth, but there’s no true substitute for your actual tooth! Dr. Bartels and our team will work to protect, restore, and strengthen your natural pearly whites.

  9. Less Intrusive
  10. Procedures like root canals get an unfair reputation for being painful. The treatment actually eases the pain caused by severe infection and decay. On the other hand, treatments like dental implants require oral surgery and multiple visits to our office. Dentures also require regular maintenance and adjustment.

Gentle Dental at Troy Bartels, DDS

If our Jonesboro, AR team can save your natural tooth, that’s almost always the better choice. To ask us any questions about caring for your teeth or to schedule your next appointment, call today or click the contact link!

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