2018 Heart to Hands Award | Charity Dental Work | Troy Bartels

We take great pride in announcing that one of our very own registered dental hygienists, Mandi Bauer, is a recipient of the 2018 Heart to Hands award! What is the Heart to Hands award? It’s an award that celebrates and recognizes dental hygienists that go above and beyond to foster dental hygiene education within a community and impact patients’ lives. Three winners are picked from a large pool of one minute video submissions. Mandi, along with two other incredible hygienists, Rachel Bellon-Roxas and Dara McConnell, received this high recognition.

Meet Mandi

Mandi earned her dental hygiene degree from the University of Arkansas for Medical Science and has been a part of Troy Bartels, DDS since 2017. Since high school, Mandi has made six trips to Uganda and saw the need for oral hygiene education within the community— especially for young children and mothers. In Uganda, there are many misconceptions about oral health due to traditions deeply embedded within the culture. For example, Ugandans believe that baby teeth should be extracted because they are “proof of evil spirits.” However, baby teeth are vital for eating and guiding the future alignment of permanent teeth. Mandi is passionate about sharing her knowledge and providing dental supplies to village members and their kids to help them maintain great oral health and improve their lives. We’re so proud of you, Mandi!

“To most people, community means the city they live in, the neighborhood they’re located. But to me, it looks a little different. The definition of community is a feeling of fellowship among a group of people who share interests, passions, and goals.” – Mandi

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