How Often Should You Have Your Teeth Whitened?

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How Do Dentists Deep Clean Your Teeth?

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Do Veneers Cause Tooth Sensitivity?

Some patients are concerned that they might experience an increase in tooth sensitivity with veneers. For answers to this questions and any others you may have about dental veneers, contact Troy Bartels Family Dentistry in Jonesboro, AR.

Benefits of Choosing a Family Dentist

Troy Bartels Family Dentistry strives to make every patient as relaxed and comfortable as possible. We’re proud of the benefits that family dentistry provides to kids, teens, and adults. Family dentistry can make your life simpler. Please contact us to schedule your appointment!

How to Pick a Local Dentist in Jonesboro, AR

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What Are the Symptoms of Sleep Apnea?

One of the treatment options for obstructive sleep apnea is a custom sleep appliance which keeps your airway unobstructed while you sleep! Dr. Bartel is one of the dentists who have been trained to provide sleep apnea therapy. Contact our Jonesboro team to learn more.

What Are Gum Pockets?

The team at Troy Bartels, DDS believes in providing the best comprehensive dental care to all of our patients. If you have concerns about your gum health or need a dental checkup, please give our Jonesboro, AR office a call.

What Is Anxiety-Free Dentistry?

Troy Bartels, DDS understands how challenging dental anxiety can be. With dental sedation, we can make any treatment significantly less stressful. If you have questions about anxiety-free dentistry or any of the services we offer, please get in touch!

Save a Tooth or Extract a Tooth?

Troy Bartels, DDS offers preventive services to help you keep your natural teeth in excellent condition and restorative services for when you need to replace or repair a tooth. To ask our team any questions, call us today!

Top 3 Reasons for Tooth Infections

If you are not sure whether your toothache is bad enough for emergency treatment, call us right away. Troy Bartels, DDS wants our patients to be safe & comfortable. We’ll let you know the best course of action.